Gingerlilly Sleepwear for the months of Winter

Sunday, July 6, 2014
Gingerlilly Sleepwear Pippa
Gingerlilly Sleepwear Pippa
Gingerlilly Sleepwear Kristy
Gingerlilly Sleepwear Kristy

 Wearing: Gingerlilly Pyjamas Pippa Set and Gingerlilly Pyjamas Kristy Set thanks to Gingerlilly

These past weeks, I've been snuggling in bed drinking chai tea lattes, watching old kids movies and wearing warm pyjamas. Winter is here and I received some beautiful Gingerlilly sleepwear that are so beautiful. I have two styles - Pippa and Kristy and they both have a special place in my house now. The fabric in both these sets are super soft, especially with Pippa's special modal fabric which is extracted from Breech trees that allows you to keep warm in Winter and cool in Summer. The Kristy includes Gingerlilly's signature print and a pink lace top that can be worn as lounge wear for when I decide to lie in my hammock and watch Master Chef Australia.

I plan to take my Gingerlilly sleepwear with me for when I head to the Snows this weekend as I anticipate some cosy nights by the fire with my bestie Betty. I am really excited, I am going to snow board for the first time. I've ordered a new snow jacket and snow goggles and plan to hire out my boots and snowboard. I also plan not to fall on my ass when I board. But that's asking for alot as I am known to my friends that I fail (in a charming way) at many things.
For me though, just to get out to nature to regather my thoughts and to try something new and active is quite satisfying to me, even if I come back with sore buttocks.


Nora said...

They look very comfortable! I love the long sleeved top in the second and last picture - too sweet! :)

fashion-meets-art said...

fantastic pictures! looks so relaxed. i love your pants so much, really nice pictures!
Maren Anita


alice bea said...

love these! You look so relaxed and casual!

Shannon Boyce said...

They look so comfy and cute! Love!

Nicole K. said...

Ooh, they look so comfortable!! I personally think you can even wear the blue print pants for when you're going out too, haha! :) It's great to find some warm winter sleepwear when winter hits.. It's summer here in Canada, but winter shall hit soon!

Have a great day!
Chic Nikkie

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Beben Koben said...

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