New Jelly beans for 2013!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Girls in Red Glasses Sneaking Duck Red Comet
Limecrime Velveteen Suedeberry Lipstick Beauty Blog
Girls in Red Glasses Sneaking Duck Red Comet
Jellybeans Shoes Pastel Heels 2013
Jellybeans Shoes Pastel Heels 2013
Jellybeans Shoes Pastel Heels 2013
Jellybeans Shoes Leopard Print 2013
Girls in Red Glasses Sneaking Duck Red Comet
Jellybeans Shoes Leopard Print 2013

Wearing: Leopard Print Jelly bean sandals thanks to Jelly Beans; Riders by Lee denim jeans thanks to Riders by Lee Australia; Sportsgirl top; Asos Boyfriend denim jacket; Sneaking Duck 'Red Comet' frames thanks to Sneaking Duck; Limecrime Velveteen Lipstick in Suedeberry

Even though I am all health and radiating smiles in these photos, the reality is that I am sitting under a blanket with a clogged nose nursing my lemon honey tea. I recently have come down with the common cold so I have to nurse myself to good health. What I really am annoyed the most is that in my last gym session I worked out triceps and back - meaning that with my cold I have aches in pains in my body with the added pain of my worked out muscles. I really can't tell what is causing more pain then others.

I am kind of grateful for the distractions though, this Monday I had some really immature arguments with old friends and it has been playing on my mind. Mean words and frustrations were let out and it wasted a good couple of hours with not much accomplished. But then again last night I managed to catch up with older friends over good dinner and red wine and it was laughs all around.

So all in all, an up and down week - let's hope it gets better from tomorrow and my sickness goes away soon.

Right now though- I am excited to announce that Jelly beans now come in pretty pastel colours and a new heel shape. They are cute and retro and I enjoy my printed leopard shoes  on my feet. They make me happy and cover as a good distraction from my cold.


Jess said...

So unfortunate... I hope you feel better. You look stunning in that second photo :) I honestly don't know if I could ever wear jellie shoes again... I still remember putting them on in second grade. I would just feel tooooo young!


Natalie Mulford said...

So excited about this! I have 2 pairs of Jelly Beans shoes and I love them! The leopard print pair look awesome!

Elizabeth Lore said...

I love this combo. Really great girl!! :)

mariafelicia magno said...

great outfit!

Kalina said...

great simple look ;)

Nora said...

Get better soon! :) :)

I love how jelly beans look but I can never wear them :( :( SO SAD! I get blisters from normal shoes (fabric/leather) and jelly beans are the worst! But they look sooo cute and comfy on you!!! :( :(

Keit said...

Heeey, hope you get well soon ^_^
And those Jelly Beans sandals are freakin adorable!!!

Diva In Me said...

Oh no...I hope you'll get better =(
These jelly beans shoes will make you feel better I'm sure. Definitely colorful =D

Iclal Bicer said...


Sonia De Macedo said...

Looooove those jellies and hope you're feeling better


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