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Thursday, November 7, 2013
Cocolatte Pleated lace Dress Spring 2013
Cocolatte Pleated lace Dress Spring 2013
Glenswood Homestead and Winery NSW
Glenswood Homestead and Winery NSW
Cocolatte Pleated lace Dress Spring 2013
Glenswood Homestead and Winery NSW
Glenswood Homestead and Winery NSW
Cocolatte Pleated lace Dress Spring 2013

Wearing: Cocolatte Pleated Lace Dress thanks to Cocolatte; Steve Madden boots thanks to Steve Madden, Vintage Bridal Crown; Sportgirl's 'Spring Fling' lipstick

I've had a pretty crazy day today - lots of emotional ups and downs and fights and bickering and apologies and realizations and smokes in between. I almost cracked it at about 4pm this afternoon but I had a friend come over to just sit with me and give me a quick hug. That's all I needed. A quick reassuring hug.

Last night I had a heart-wrenching talk and it was decided that I take a break from my partner so I can collect my thoughts. If he is reading this, I just want to tell you I love you and that I am sorry but this is for the better and I hope in time that we will be OK.

It isn't easy for me too, so for now I concentrate on my blogging and try to remind myself that even without that love to fill my world, I will still have my work, friends and family to fill that gap.

I wish so much to go back to the Natalie that was innocent and full of wonder and hope so I can just feel the pure happiness I felt many years ago as a kid (pokemon, Barbie, climbing fruit trees and rollerblading were my world); but I am also happy to turn out the way I am - strong, wise, clear-headed and spirited. I learn from my lessons and pick the hard road rather then the easy cowardly road. I don't let people walk over me and at the same time I appreciate in full circle what people do for me out of the kindness in their hearts.

Another life chapter for me is going to be written for me, but all in all I hope to keep my passion for blogging alive, whether it's post-editing, styling, photography or writing. I am particularly proud of this set of photos because it shows a lighter, gentler and sweeter side of me. It is rarely shown and only to a handful of people in my life, but it comes out at full force and with open arms.


Brigita said...

I'm not even sure if I have to feel sorry for you, because you are so strong already and have great friends and family. I appreciate that you let us in in your personal life and help us to know you better.
When I first saw the pictures, all i wanted to say was that the feel of them is great, colors, your outfit and so on, but you kinda look pressed down. so I hope it gets better from now on. Everything happens for better, you just don't know that yet.


Sivi said...

Amaziiing... lovely your shoes and your style!!


Halie said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures. Love the boots.

Jacqueline Stewart said...

beautiful photos, sounds like a tough day. stay strong xox


lUCY. I LOVE UR PICS! I think we have things on common, if you have time to see mine it will be an honor!
Kisses from spain!

rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear hun, it must be so difficult for you. hopefully things work out, one way or another. big hugs xx

Love said...

Hope you are getting better, Nice shots!

Lenusik Velvetrose said...

Stunning views! I love this dress and your shoes!

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