Casual Summer with Vans, a Chicnova dress and Soles cap

Friday, November 15, 2013
Chicnova Vintage Cotton Hammock Dress with Floral Print in Light Blue
Chicnova Vintage Cotton Hammock Dress with Floral Print in Light Blue
Vans With Dresses Australia
Vans With Dresses Australia
Soles Shoes Tommy Lee Leather Black Cap
Soles Shoes Tommy Lee Leather Black Cap
Vans with Dresses
Womens Vans Australia Limited Thin Sole White

Wearing: Chicnova's Vintage Cotton Hammock Dress with Floral Print in Light Blue thanks to Chicnova; Asos Boyfriend cut denim jacket; Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro in white; Soles' Tommy Lee Cap thanks to Soles; Kushla's wrap bracelet thanks to Kushla; May 28th 12.40PM watch thanks to Surfdome; Sportsgirl 'Spring Fling' lipstick

I have a lot of free time on my hands this week due to my mom going overseas for 6 weeks, my shifts being moved around and that I've decided to take a break in my relationship. I've thus spent alot of time concentrating on my new gym membership.

I was sad last week with alot of emotional ups and downs, but since heading to the gym and building up my endorphins I've been walking around with a clear head and happy smile. I even dance at home while cooking and washing the dishes. 

In the midst of trying to forever distract myself, I also cleared out the clutter in my room, on my laptop and in my emails. My life feels lighter. 

And for a good two months, I was stuck on this absolutely boring book, that I hated the writing style of and couldn't for my life keep concentrating on. I don't want to name the book but 100 pages into it I decided to just store it away and live with the fact that I didn't finish it (I have a compulsive need to have closure in everything I do in life). And it felt good to get rid of things that were making me feel guilt when I walked into a room.

Little things I know, but it makes a big difference when I'm struggling to deal with much bigger and greater life decisions.. 

Another little thing I've discovered is the combination of VANS and DRESSES (well my dress shown actually has the wonderful feature of shorts added underneath), and I love toning down my usual dressed up look with some flat summer sneakers. It feels like summer all day everyday for me now and I am again in tune with the laid-back Aussie spirit. Add a SOLES leatherette baseball cap and I am now super sun-smart, living up to another way of the Aussie life.


Jacqueline Stewart said...

nice outfit, and I'm glad you are feeling more together. man, it must be so warm where you are... still freezing in melbourne

Halie said...

Super cute.

Shannon Boyce said...

Absolutely gorgeous outfit! I am loving that denim jacket!

Ana Silva said...

awesome <3<3

Madeleine said...

Lovely outfit! The pattern on the dress is super cute I love it.
Madeleine || Madeleine in Wonderland

Keit said...

Wow, is it really that hot there? I'm jelly! :D
I usually try to read boring books by skipping whole paragraphs, so I can get to the end and have closure already, so I know what you mean :D
Adore the pretty dress! ^_^

roha said...

love your arm- and "leg-candy" ;)
xx romi

Rita said...

I love your blog and your style

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