The Day Sneaking Duck entered My Life

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Sneaking Duck Red Comet Frames Glasses
Jelly Beans  Jbeans Blue Shoes 2013
Sneaking Duck Red Comet Frames Glasses
Jelly Beans  Jbeans Blue Shoes 2013
Sneaking Duck Red Comet Frames Glasses Asos Jacket
Sneaking Duck Red Comet Frames Glasses
Sneaking Duck Red Comet Frames Glasses

Wearing: Sneaking Duck 'Red Comet' bamboo frames thanks to Sneaking Duck; Asos Boyfriend denim jacket; Miss Selfridge denim shorts; Sportsgirl Boyfriend Tee; Sportsgirl Shark tooth necklace; Big Jelly Beans (Blue) thanks to Jelly Beans; Illamasqua 'Ignite' lipstick

Realising more and more each day that I didn't like the person I was when a certain loved one was influencing it... I've turned to finding beautiful things to wear to represent my new and improved life.
It's sometimes hard to realise an obvious truth and its sometimes hard to let go of a certain past time and old habits. Yet, when you find yourself waking up and smiling, dancing to lame songs on the radio while you're in the car (driving alone too; something I couldn't do a few months ago because of fear of crying), seeing career opportunities more clearly and wanting to spread happiness to friends and family... you find you have moved on without even noticing. Like a big bitch slap from Mr-Happiness to the face.

So here I am, blissfully sitting on my lounge and watching Seinfeld re-runs while I blog. I just had a wonderful day with Betty - she took me down to Newton to try a raw vegan cafe (Sadhana's Kitchen) where I tried this amazing lasagne and tacos full of good green stuff and walnut mince (yum). And then I walked into a tattooist and got my second tattoo on my back, completing a months long wish. And I went about my day feeling 100% happy and content. I haven't experienced that in months. Months and months. Bitch slapped.

100% happy and content? It has to reflect in my clothing. I received these Sneaking Duck frames that were a striking red and a has a beautiful bamboo finish. I get heads turning with these frames and I feel confident wearing them. They are the perfect pair, with optical/prescription lenses, frames and delivery at a solid $180 AUD (Sunglasses $230). I am extremely proud to own a pair and am confident to whip them out to add to my happiness (cue for bitch slap from Mr-Happiness) for my life, for the world.


♥ Natalie said...

Love your hair right now. (:
These glasses suit you well!

Pfirsich McApple said...

OMG I love this look. Your shoes are sooo cute.

xoxo, van

Anete said...

Lovely photos! (:

Mariam .M said...

Great post :)

Diva In Me said...

You definitely look happy in this frame and the touch of redness sure gives it a happy touch =D

Superblondeep said...

nice glasses!

Anna Czarina said...

loving the denim jacket!
The whole outfit is great!

Anna Czarina

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