PURR: Skip N' Whistle Cat-Face Sweatshirt!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Skip N Whistle Cat Face Sweatshirt Blogger
Skip N Whistle Cat Face Sweatshirt ShuBar Rattle Boots
Skip N Whistle Cat Face Sweatshirt Blogger
Skip N Whistle Cat Face Sweatshirt ShuBar Rattle Boots
Skip N Whistle Cat Face Sweatshirt Blogger

Wearing: Skip N' Whistle Cat-Face Sweatshirt thanks to Skip N' Whistle; Riders by Lee denim shorts thanks to Riders by Lee; Shubar 'Rattle' Boots; Cat Ears Headband from Shop with Romi; Sportsgirl Rings Set and 'Spring Fling' lipstick

I've got myself the cutest cat-face jumper from Skip N' Whistle and I haven't taken it off all day. When I see people, they just want to pat it and make purring noises at random and its amusing to see people do that. It's all good though, because I'm actually trying to get my newest tattoo to heal (avoiding exposing my tattoo to the sun) and I got myself two bird silhouettes on my back just below the bra line.
I can't wait to show it to the world but I'm waiting until it heals to do a proper blog post. It took a mere ten minutes for it to be tattooed and yes, it hurt quite abit (alot of gritted teeth and holding onto chair handles really, really hard); but it was so worth it.

So today, I'm wearing a cute kitty, to represent all the cat-lovers out there. Once my tattoo heals though, I'll be back to being a bird-lover. A bird represents me much better than a cat: freedom, free spirited and a personal wish that I could grow wings so I could fly without fear.


fashion-meets-art said...

wonderful look. love the cat sweater. i'm a big catlover!
kisses to you
Maren Anita


Gita said...

That's just too cute :D! And congrats on your newest tattoo - I'm just a week away from getting mine :)!



Cute kitty cat outfit!

X ★

Anna Czarina said...

love love this outfit! Love how you topped it of with the headband!

Anna Czarina

Leena Liddell said...

Aw, your cat sweater is so cute :) xx


Khansaa et Abla said...

beautiful post ! rrrr haha

kisses , come visit our blog

sophie said...

This is so cute, love it!


Rechen Natividad said...

Omg I cannot even explain how much I want your sweater right now! x


Superblondeep said...


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