A Pretty watch from May 28th thanks to Surfdome

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Front Row Shop Khaki Jacket
May 28th 1240PM yellow Floral Watch Surfdome
May 28th 1240PM yellow Floral Watch Surfdome
Front Row Shop Khaki Jacket
May 28th 1240PM yellow Floral Watch Surfdome
Front Row Shop Khaki Jacket To The Nines Hipster

 Wearing: Front Row Shop Army Green Jacket thanks to Front Row Shop; Nasty Gal Blouse; Beginning Boutique lilac skirt; Steve Madden Boots; May 28th 12.40PM floral watch thanks to Surfdome; Double Stripe Hipster backpack thanks to To The Nines

I love to be a free soul most of the time, have no-one keep me tied to the ground or control what I do or what I say. But sometimes I want to belong to something solid, be with someone who can be my rock.

And in these confusing times, I feel myself torn and considering things I've never considered before. It's scary when you're experiencing feelings that rarely come at you and sweep you off your feet. It's like the sudden feeling of not wanting to go home but knowing you can't stay where you are. Well I could stay, if it were easily possible...

In time though, I will learn from my lessons/mistakes and recycle my knowledge and try not to repeat mistakes, and in the end, always remember that no matter what happens, I will be OK. Absolutely OK.

And now having been two years of blogging now, with countless outfits and hairstyles, I still encounter the bad outfits and confusing camera pose choices. And again in time, I hope to learn from my mistakes from blogging as well. The most important lesson though it to ABSOLUTELY be yourself.

I'm temperamental about my style, so sometimes I like to wear colours. Thanks to Surfdome I found myself wearing a bright watch from May 28th, called 12.40PM (interesting hey?) combined with lilac, polka dots and khaki. An outfit that makes me look younger, but that's part of my temperamental personality. Yet always try to be yourself today live in the moment, even if your heart will change it's course tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Oh you look stunning... I love this whole look!

Keit said...

As my favorite author once said "Life did not intend to make us perfect. Whoever is perfect belongs in a museum". And I tend to agree with him. And as you said, it's best to learn from our mistakes and grow, instead of constantly striving for that perfection.
Btw, love the green parka ^_^ It looks so pretty and the watch is so cute!

Hannah said...

Oh, what a lovely watch!

Gita said...

Such a beautiful watch, such an amazing parka! I love all of these stuff, they really suit you :).
There's nothing better than to be a free soul :).


rachel said...

what a cute watch! love the floral face x

Tabet said...

Wow, the watch is very sweet! :)


Diva In Me said...

Totally agree on being yourself. That's the best and most comfortable to begin a photo shoot =)
You look cool in this outfit. I like your bangs! =D

Lemiza Nicolau said...

Really cool look! Love it!




Oh, what a lovely watch! LOVE IT!!!!


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