Craving that Different Kind Of Buzz

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Royal Aquamarine Ringo Sunglasses Meche Jewellery
Zoie Paint It Red Sequin Shorts Meche Voyager Ring
Royal Aquamarine Ringo Sunglasses Meche Jewellery
Zoie Paint It Red Sequin Shorts Princess Polly Cardigan

Wearing: Paint It Red Drive On Shorts thanks to Zoie; Ringo (Marble Grey) Sunglasses from Royal Aquamarine; Meche Voyager Ring and Infinite Loop Necklace thanks to Meche Jewellery;  Princess Polly 'Almost Famous' Cardigan; New Look Silk Top; Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick Solitaire Heels via Nasty Gal; Illamasqua 'Ignite' Lipstick

This week I started training for my 3rd game for my part-time croupier job here in Sydney. It's an 8 day training course and we have to do daily tests and assessments and study at home and practice at any given chance to perfect the dealing technique. As a result I really am not feeling my prettiest or the most excited in my life. In fact I'm stressed, frustrated and pre-occupied.
Study and training does not make me feel attractive (and its a skill I mentally locked away when I finished my Fashion Design course more than 5 years ago).  So come the weekend I hope I can finally dress the way I want to dress and feel fricking sexy again.

I can safely say that being a croupier is just what I do but it's not who or what I am. But, at the same time I don't want to fail at getting my third game. So I'm planning to sacrifice these next 8 days - my sleep, my groomed hair, my TV, gaming and reading, my precise make-up and good food for that extra game. I will not enjoy the journey but I will certainly enjoy the destination.

And at that destination I plan to be wild and free again, partying it up and being cheeky and full of glee once again. Hell Yeah, drinks all round. I'm so craving that different kind of buzz.. the kind that is sexy and brimming with a quiet confidence.
That's how I felt just days earlier when I wore the perfect sex-kitten combination - sleek Royal Aquamarine sunglasses, Zoie's Paint It Red Shorts and Meche Jewellery. And all in striking black.
Yes, I will be craving that destination at the end of my 8 days and I will definitely dig up this outfit just to chase that itching buzz again.


Mica said...

Love those sequin shorts! :)

Good luck with your training! :)

Away From Blue

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the noir hues. Cool shades. Good luck with the game.

Christie x

Pip said...

I love that shaggy coat! It's so fab and the necklace is incredibly gorgeous with this look too. Have a great day! xx Pip

Easy Outfits by Pip


Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...


XO Meghan

Madeleine said...

Love your outfit the cardigan is amazing and I really love those shorts! Good luck with your training!!
Madeleine In Wonderland

Kalina said...

you look great!

Gabriele said...

this outfit is just perfect, I love it!


Joana said...

you look purrpect babes

love x
when you dream big

Tabet said...

amazing pictures and a great look! :)

Paige said...

Gorgeous photographs! x

Halie said...

So rad.

Sarah said...

Love the sequin shorts they are fabulous! xx

Diva In Me said...

Have a good 8 days Natalie =)
I like your pictures and how it turns out. You've picked a great place to take these pictures and also I like the way you style your outfit =)

Alba - Petit Sweet Couture said...

awesome!! I love it!


Elsa said...

Amazing outfit!

Out Of The Box

Emm said...

Loooooove this! Excellent jacket

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