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Friday, April 5, 2013
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise
The Weeknd XO Hat Cap Merchandise

Wearing: The Weeknd Hat from Ebay; Stussy Varsity Jacket; One Teaspoon Leotard

This is what happens when one of my closest girlfriends come over; I strip down to a leotard and we create our own private photo party. We listened to The Weeknd and laughed and lay around in bed sharing stories. I mentioned that sometimes my purpose in life feels like it is to be a Muse (a source of inspiration) for the men in my life; so my girlfriend took photos of me like I was one and that I was there to inspire.

My own new personal muse, is the singer Abel Tesfaye with the stage name: The Weeknd. I got myself a hat from Ebay that's dedicated to him, as I've been obsessed with his music since late 2012. He's so good that sometimes it's too intense for my poor little soul.

The Weeknd, when listening to him, helps me articulate all those moments I usually don't share with the world, but with a few people privately. I am reminded that I have lived life to my fullest sensual potential at least one point in time. And trust me, those moments are what keeps me on a high while living my sometimes mundane life. It feels like all I do is answer emails, work my shifts and come home to feed the dogs.
These few private people are my other personal muses in my life. They keep me inspired and constantly on my toes, reminding me that life is indeed also a sensual, vivid and intense ride. Without them my life is one flat-lined boring timeline. The energy between us is electric, passionate and sometimes too much for me; and while I know that sometimes you have to let certain muses go, I try to appreciate what they do to my life while they are there.


Carmen said...

Great pics, really well done and inspiring :)

Samantha S. said...

Natalie, you are such a freaking babe!
Love these shots! x

martinealison said...

Bon week-end à vous.

norafinds said...



Mary Kapsi said...

just gorgeous!
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Samantha Mariko said...

these shots are so cute!

My sister is Margaret said...

Love this pictures!!
You look so great!! :)

Charm, Kindred Spirit said...

Another cute post by Lucy. Loved the edgy free spirit theme and that camera looks like a lomo love it!

Charm Kindred Spirit

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Gita said...

Hello hotness! Great captures :)!


Riotouslolita said...

Great photos!!


Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos hun!!

Chai Chen said...

Sexy photos my dear! :)

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Outfit Post: Unpretty ♭♪ ♫ ♬
TLC song inspired this look ...

❤ ~Chai
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Sophie-Marie said...

Wow, you're a beauty! The photos are amazing, they look like they could be editorial!
I agree with what you said about muses and moments that make us happy - we all need "treats" that come in various forms. And though always living life at the fullest isn't the wisest, we should do it at one point.

EMA said...

Wow these photos are so beautiful and so artistic :) said...

cool outfit :)

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