SXUC sunglasses for Harbourlife 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wearing: SXUC Bronx white sunglasses thanks to Sunglasses Shop; Topshop Fleetwood Mac shirt; Riders by Lee denim shorts; Topshop Sandals; Samantha Wills ring; Beginning Boutique Armour cuff Silver (x 2)

After already attending Stereosonic just a week before, I don't think I have recovered well enough to attend Harbourlife. But I did, and I decided on a simpler outfit because me and Margaret found out it was a humid 37 degrees with a chance of storm and I was not going to risk carrying heavy armour. I settled on some cute SXUC sunglasses I picked up from online store Sunglasses Shop; denim shorts, loose singlet and silver cuffs.
I think sunglasses are essential for when you're dancing by the water with a view of the harbour bridge and the gardens under the glaring sun. It also came in handy when randomly in the night, a very very drunk man decided to pull down his board shorts and dance stark naked for a few minutes. My poor eyes!


Kathya stryzak said...

Muy hermosa con el short jeans..

besos y buena semana

Hannah said...

Fabulous photographs I love your outfit, especially the silver cuffs! Sounds like you had a marvellous day!

Tanii said...

love the top and your sunnies! Awesome outfit :)

Mica said...

Nice casual outfit. I like your silver cuffs :)

Federica said...

nice outfit
Love the bracelets

Jessica Tuong said...

Love the sunnies! great festival outfit :)

If you like, check out my latest outfit post!

Jess xo

My secret shopping said...


Rusevska Anita said...

the jewerly is soo great!! have a nice day :)

Joreina Blanco said...

Gosh! You've got a great body figure as well as cool clothes! Yay, Ms. Natalie!

Anni said...

Loving the sunglasses and the matching cuffs. You look so festival ready for summer.

Miss Funny Face said...

Very pretty!!

Encarna said...

Thank you for your Coment on my blog
You look beautiful in those denim shorts

Le Seasonnier said...

Ah Natalie this glasses are out of this world, love them and also the pictures! They are always great!

Kisses from Barcelona,

Álvaro LESEASONNIER - New Post In

workboy53 said...

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