Not Dreaming of a White Christmas with Sunglasses Shop

Friday, December 21, 2012
Sunglasses Online Shop SXUC Bruno Sunglasses
Sunglasses Online Shop SXUC Bruno Sunglasses
Sunglasses Shop SXUC Bruno Sunglasses

Wearing: SXUC Bruno Sunglasses thanks to Sunglasses Shop; Blue Jade Neon shirt thanks to Blue Jade

I've kissed the sun so many times ever since Summer has started in December. My new sunglasses come from Sunglasses Shop, an easy-to-use online store with a range of items: Ray-ban, Chanel, D&G, SXUC and many more. The prices are affordable and the delivery is fast as well. Since slipping these babies on, I've gone past dreaming of a white Christmas in sunny Sydney, instead opting for bright neon colours, sand, sea and BBQs with my friends and family.


Ellen Kaminagakura said...

Love your sunglasses !!

Xoxo from japan

Diva In Me said...

I agree with you that does have tonnes of choices. I like your choice =)
*If you have some time, I hope you'll take part in my blog's giveaway.

AhkaVintage said...

I was a little nervous buying sunglasses online for a while - but I've gotten used to the idea and bought a few pairs. I love your choice!

Federica said...

nice shirt :)

katya said...

very nice this sunglasses

Angela Pricope said...

Nice post,nice girl and ...nice sunglasses!I follow now,please folow me back!Un saludo,Angela

- eco bird by danii - said...

Nice sunnies! I am so glad its summer!! xx danii

Elsa said...

You look super hot and fashionable! So jealous it's Summer there!

Many kisses
Out Of The Box

Tiana said...

it's so fun to read something like "summer starting in december" on someone's blog! It's winter here, and I just love seeing all the warm and colorful photos to brighten up the winter!

you look lovely - as does your blog :)
tiana of l'esthetique

Joreina Blanco said...

Can I just have your sunglasses? Haha. Kidding. But seriously, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love everything about this outfit and the glasses :D

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!<3

BTW...I posted a new post about my newest wedge shoes...pls check it out :*


libys11 said...

those sunglasses are rocking!!!
im super jealous of your weather there! :D

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Mica said...

Great sunnies, and I love your neon studded top! :)

Carmen said...

LOVING these sunnies!

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt! And the sunglasses to! I live in Texas, and the only day it has snowed all winter was on Christmas!
xoxo anna

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