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Sunday, November 18, 2012
Tailormaid PR's Autumn/Winter 2013Vitamin Gum Grape Tailormaid PR
Sportsgirl 2013 Tailormaid PR
Tailormaid PR 2013
Sportsgirl 2013 Tailormaid PR
Tailormaid PR 2013
H2COCO Tailormaid PR 2013
Arlington Milne 2013 Tailormaid PR
Platinum Media and Communications Jets Swimwear
Lolly Buffet
Lolly Buffet
Lolly Buffet
Platinum Media and Communications Jets Swimwear
Platinum Media and Communications Jets Swimwear

Events: Tailormaid PR's Autumn/Winter 2013 and Platinum Media & Communications Blogger Night

This week was a great catch up for us Sydney bloggers, as we visited Tailormaid PR and was introduced to Platinum MC. Tailormaid PR had a great showing with cupcakes, pastries and H2COCO Vitamin Gum on offer. The new collection from Sportsgirl was exciting because for me I kept spotting great pieces for the Sydney summer festival season (lots of festival prints and coloured denim!).
At the Platinum Media & Communications Blogger event, we were treated to a full-on Lolly buffet, and we all got too excited filling up our lolly bags. And with our bags stuffed with lollies we relaxed and sat back to watch the models strut their stuff in special Jets swimwear and Lotus Mendes jewellery.
Thank you for both companies for making it such a memorable night!


Brooklyn Grace said...

Thats a very nice post!!!

Anonymous said...

Candies and details are amazing! It has been a fantastic event, I guess :)

New post!Come visit!

Mica said...

Love the lollies! The accessories look great too :)


Rhea Dillon said...

This looks like such a fun event!


Margaret Ye said...

hahahaha love the first image - gotta love my face!



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