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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Sportsgirl Boston Babe Riders by Lee
Sportsgirl Boston Babe Riders by Lee
Sportsgirl Boston Babe Riders by Lee Estarer
Boston Babe Shoes
Boston Babe Shoes Sportsgirl Riders by Lee Disney
Boston Babe Shoes Sportsgirl Riders by Lee Disney

Wearing: Sportsgirl Wolf Tee; Riders by Lee denim shorts thanks to Riders by Lee; Boston Babe Farah Sandals thanks to Boston Babe; Disney Watch thanks to Disney; Beginning Boutique High Lifes cuff; Estarer Black Triangle Necklace thanks to Estarer

Ahhh crap. I haven't blogged in 6 days and I just realised today. I need to get my crap together it seems. It all started last week when I FINALLY graduated from my one week Baccarat training; and us students decided to get a drink. It went on until 6am (or 7am?) and when we realised the time I finally got home but it was 8am. Then I slept the whole day and went out to drink Soju that night. Didn't sleep until 6am. Come Monday morning and I had a shift that started at 12pm. Got up 9am, screwed my sleep over. Then got sick on Tuesday. Come Wednesday and here I am. Still hungover and being punished by my own body for the crap treatment I've given it.
On the bright side... starting to get into skateboarding. I've been rollerblading since I was 4 years old and doing it for 10 years. I've also been biking, scootering and ice skating . So I thought, why not skateboard? It's been pretty scary at first but I'm slowly getting there.
And skateboarding and all those sorts of activities gives me time to have secret musings and blogging and life epiphanies. Its a great little escape from my (sometimes) boring life. 


Joreina Blanco said...

Love the sandals so much! And of course, you look lovely on that outfit!

Mademoiselle B. said...

wouaw you are so beautiful! I am totally in love with your bracelets :)

Sabrina T. said...

love the tee!!

Patchwork à Porter

LittleMucli said...

Love the outfit!


Mica said...

Lovely casual outfit :) I like your studded sandals :)

Olivia said...

Really cute shoes! :)

Le Seasonnier said...

Natalie !! You rock that look; love the sandals ! Great pictures as always.

Big kiss from Barcelona,


Anete said...

I like your T-shirt. Gorgeous. ♡

Miss Funny Face said...

Love the first shot!! :D

Noa en Nienke. said...

I really love your outfit!

x Nienke

♥ Natalie said...

Beautiful photos!! <3


Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your outfit!!! Esp the sandals!

Love Nyt,
BIG hair LOUD mouth

Yago Richelly said...

hey, I loved the look .. very inspiring!

visit my blog ->

Brasi's a hug! =)

Yago Richelly

David said...

nice blog :) great title picture :)

(Moleskine giveaway!)

the baG girl said...

really love all your photo!
I follow you now, I hope you will come visit my blog :)
the baG girl
new in in my bag's collection... come to read my latest post!

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