An Event: Taubmans Look Book Launch 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Beach Lifestyle
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Beach Lifestyle
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Eclectic Mix
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Eclectic Mix
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Modern Living
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Modern Living
Taubmans Look Book 2012 Modern Living

An Event: Taubmans Look Book Launch 2012 (Photos by me and courtesy of DEC Public Relations)

I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of the new Taubmans Look Book for 2012 a few weeks ago. Although Taubmans is associated with interior paint and decorating, they decided to use fashion to reflect their new paint ranges. Their new look books are Eclectic Mix, Modern Living, Classic Interiors, Beach Lifestyle and Retro Revival. Shaynna Blaze, Taubmans Colour Ambassador, and Lydia-Jane Saunders, leading Australian stylist were kind enough to lend us some stylish tips for my Lucy and The Runaways readers:

1.) Those with an eclectic fashion sense know it's about breaking the rules – finding your own style and expressing it. When bringing this eclectic style into the home, it's important to include a blend of what makes YOU happy. Our best tip is to use strong raw colours and materials complimented by textures and embellisments, creating the balance of confidence and intimacy that this style is all about.  
2.) Those with an appreciation for modern fashion styles understand the beauty of strong, uncomplicated and statement looks without looking like you really tried. To achieve this in the home, mixing bold colours and balancing and subduing them with greys and mettalics – is a great way to translate this clean and powerful style.
3.) Classic fashion is about avoiding fads and playing with personalised timeless elements. We love the romance of this style, and think the best way to translate its classic feel is by using bold rasperrys, soft pinks and crisp whites. If your classic style is a little slicker, inspired by the sophistication of Old Hollywood perhaps, translate the jazz era with a solid base of grey, whites and blacks, and a twist of teal. Perhaps say something about how classic will never date? 
4.) So many styles come to mind when thinking of Beach. If your (you're) are more romanced by the energy of the ocean, deep grey and dark green hues capture well the moodiness and reflective element of this style. If you like the simplicity and fun of the beach style, lean towards using primary colours, which have a strong sense of pure innocence about them, keeping a little bit of the spontaneous child in you. 
5.) Lovers of the Retro fashion style love capturing looks of the past and reproducing these in a modern context. Revamped chartruse and sexy blues bring back the coolness of the sixties. Whereas translating Vintage style into the interiors of your home calls for comforting neutrals, warm oranges and calming greens that bring with it a sense of nostalgia of times gone by and holding on to times when life was simpler. 
Crediting Shaynna Blaze and Lydia-Jane Saunders for these great styling tips. You can get some of the amazing shoes and clothing from these designers: Nine West, Josh Goot, Tony Bianco, Lovisa, Grandma Takes a Trip and many more.


martinealison said...

Très belle collection et une merveilleuse présentation...
gros bisous

Squared said...

this is so nice! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

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