The Black Dark walk to the Wild side

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wearing: Nasty Gal Dita Bustier; D&L Maxi Skirt; Boohoo cuff; Diva Necklace; Topshop Sandals; Illamasqua Box Lipstick

I've come across a feeling of anger lately. I feel angry because I feel trapped and helpless in my own world.

...I like my work but I hate that I haven't had a weekend night off in 6 weeks.
I like my blog but I hate that the direction is going the wrong way.
I like my own style but I hate that I feel judged by the blogging world sometimes.
I like Lana Del Rey but I hate that I feel wholly connected to the lyrics of "Born to Die".
I like my friends and friendships but I hate how I am let down when I need it most sometimes.

I've decided to go to a style I love - dark, feminine, free and mysterious to reflect how I feel. I haven't worn something like this in a long time. I wish I could control how I feel about my life right now the same way I control the way I dress... I wish I had the confidence to defy my feelings at the moment but.. social conventions and my own personality traps me.


Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Love the all black look :)

Giveaway happening on my blog!

Joseph Dang said...

:'( Hope you are okay!! What doesn't kill you will make you stronger :):):)

Nora said...

Nat you look beautiful! And this is very much your style, and I hope you can take back the direction of your blog!!


Mica said...

I love this dress on you, it is beautiful! If you want to wear more items like this I say go for it! It creates beautiful photos too :)

It's your life and your blog and your body - you can live, post and dress in whatever you want :) Hope you feel more empowered soon!

martinealison said...

Cette robe vous va à ravir... et j'aime beaucoup ce style.

Gros bisous.

-------------- said...

just express your self as you want to do my dear
anyway, i miss u so much,, hope you can visit my blog again

xoxo :*

Put your heels up said...

Great pictures! I really like this outfit

Put your heels up

Lisa LaTroisième said... are simply gorgeous in this dress!!!

Kisses from London

Metajojuana Nyt said...

you look gorgeous! ANd you makeup id perfect for the look!

Luv, Nyt
Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

Shandrese/ Natalia said...

i love this outfit :) very nice photos :)

Stacy said...

Black is always classy!!

♥ Natalie said...

Hey honey! :D
We have the same name, awww~ that's great (:
I like your blog, great sense of fashion - I'm a new reader (:


eDina said...

beautiful dress <3

x SunshowerLover

Anete said...

Stunning photos :)

Nikki said...

Wow your dress is beautiful, you look stunning!! Xx

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

I absolutely love you in this dress, it shows how strong woman you are!

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Daisy Cats said...

love love lovee your maxi skirt! xx
Daisy Cats

Jessica said...

i love this look it is so dramatic and i like that you used your emotions to channel it! sometimes it is easy to get bogged down with things i know, but the great thing is you always have options and good things going on that you can look to :D


Jacqueline said...

you look amazing, it's truly a wonderful outfit. I hope you feel better soon, you are right about being able to control your clothes-- if nothing else. xox

Fashion R&D said...

I love this look! It's beautiful!

Mik said...

The maxi is a winner! I love


Champagne Star said...

I love this outfit, especially the bustier! I try not to let what others think about me bother me. If I want to post a certain thing on my blog, or dress a certain way, I do it because I want to, and therefore I don't care about what kind of criticism I might get. It's always good to go with your gut and do what you want sometimes!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

awesome outfit.


Mariely said...


Gabriela Poletti said...

awsome pictures! there are incredible!
kisses from,

Juju said...

you are so stylish!
Love flats

Identity Unknown said...

divine bustier! love nasty gal too broke to afford it though :(


Saritschka said...

Thanks a lot! :)
You look great, I love this dress!!

Xx, Saritschka.

Splendor said...

As women we must own our feelings and NOT ignore them. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings, freeing yourself of the weight they hold and moving forward. Breathe deeply and know that this too shall pass love!

couturing said...

I love this outfit! I hope you feel better soon; I hate stress and feeling hopeless. I feel that way almost constantly to be honest, but I'm sure you can get through it!

Sarah said...

What a great look I love it!xx

Anonymous said...

you look fab


Michelle's Style File said...

Amazing dress- you look beautiful!


Anne said...

Your blog is very nice, I love it!
Do you want to follow eachother?
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VLM. said...

What an incredible outfit, you look so beautiful! Black really suits you, darling. There's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!
xoxo, Veena
Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

Remmy Aliko said...

loving lovely

Amanda said...

I really dont know exactly all the details of your situation... But it sounds like you are feel like you cannot control everything... I m going trough a hard time in my life as well and i dont know if this is helpful but hang in there... and continue blogging and try to follow your heart... Fashion blogging its not easy... its really a very vulnerable sphere... but I think you are gorgeous and U will get trough this... Ps I love lana del rey... do you listen to Marina and the diamonds?

immerlight said...

Amazing dress!! Great pictures!

PlaceTrends said...

You look fabulous!! Amazing outfit!

xx alex

Katrin said...

still got a lot more nailpolish :D im obsessed i guess!
i loove your bustier

Style With Colors said...

That dress is absolutely amazing and you're incredibly beautiful xx

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

Beautiful dress! You look amazing!
backtofive's twitter

Chris Ed said...

lovely outfit, I live the name of your blog so much!

hugs from germany:)

Mish Rendon said...

OMG! You look stunning! <3

XO, Mish
P.S. Win Rire GCs International Giveaway on my blog!

Alviana Kalin said...

gorgeous shots! love the dress and the make up


Printingtextil Natasha said...

I love wild look. It`s look great on you! Nice picutres

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