A Foolish Winter ensues for a Coussinet Necklace, Leather & Fur

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wearing: Coussinet Frond necklace (black) thanks to Cousinnet; Topshop 'Fleetwood Mac' top; Beginning Boutique pleated skirt; Sportsgirl boots; Illamasqua 'Ignite' lipstick (similar here)

I've been having the nasty habit of thinking that Sydney is still in Summer, and while I bare my arms and legs to the chilly wind I still maintain that I am not crazy. What is crazy though, is my hunt for a new house with the family. As I am writing this my mom is barging into my room insisting we put down a deposit for a house we saw this afternoon. Sure, I like it, but the small wardrobe worries me. But, there is always, always IKEA and I dream of making my new small room into a blogger's magical dream bedroom.

Today, I am wearing a Cousinet necklace that brings life to my simple neutral outfit. Still in denial over winter, I love that the necklace is made out of fabric so that when I place it over my skin it doesn't chill my neck. Can't say the same for my bare arms and legs though...


Arianti said...

love your vest!!!


Keit said...

A huge wardrobe is a must for new homes :D Right now boyfriend has no where to put his clothes but on the ground, because everything is occupied with my clothes! Gorgeous look dear!

Joy Shana said...

You look gorgeous, love the vest

inezdiva said...

you always look pretty dear :D

rachel said...

love that skirt! I have a similar one but never thought of wearing it with a fur vest, looks awesome! x

magdalena said...

you always look fantastic!

Stacy said...

I can look through your photos al day long!


Lisa LaTroisième said...

Love the vest and the whole outfit darling!



Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Lauren Williams said...

Great pictures! I love every piece you're wearing!

xx lauren

SafiyaMarie said...

I love that skirt and I'm so in love with the way you've styled it!


Ashley said...

I am loving your blog!
I just followed on GFC/BlogLuvin. Follow back?
I'd really appreciate it:)

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the skirt and your necklace is awesome! You are brave to wear that in winter, but sometimes you just have to dress how you feel, run to take pictures, and warm up inside! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

Shels415 said...

Love love your skirt hon! And wow a new house..how exciting! I also look at the closet..lol! But you're right, there's always Ikea!


SARAH-ROSE GOES... said...

Ahh such a hot outfit - I have a skirt that's very similar so I'll definitely attempt to recreate this :) xx

chicachia said...

You are SO gorgeous :)
Just started following you on Instagram and I love all your pics there as well!

Lots of love

That girl; Saadiya said...

Love this outfit - I have a similar skirt but its a bit longer :)
Also, good luck on the house hunt!!

ana said...

hi. thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I just looove your blog and outfits. I'm a new follower :) XX


Printingtextil Natasha said...

Beautiful I want them all

Monika Krażewska said...

you look so fabolous !

Susie said...

This photos are gorgeous – I love the light, and I love your look here. I always tend to be in denial about wintertime too :)

Sea and Swank

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