A Collaboration: With Sneakypeek by the Sea..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wearing: Alannah Hill Jacket; One Teaspoon mesh bodysuit (similar here); Vintage skirt; Siren Spark Shoes thanks to Styletread; Kami Sunglasses thanks to AM Eyewear
Photos by: Monique from Sneakypeek

This is the last collection of photos from my Collaboration with Monique from Sneakypeek. This time we headed out to Monique's park, and strolled by the water. Of course I was smart enough to take off my shoes to prance on the rocks, and the cool water soothed my aching feet. It was a cool crisp afternoon and I remember how peaceful it was as I edit these photos... unlike now.
I am suffering from a slight hangover today because me and my boyfriend played a drinking game involving the movie Zoolander.

Rules are:
DRINK every time 'Blue Steel' or 'Balls' are said. DRINK everytime a celebrity cameo appears on screen, Zoolander does Blue Steel, Someone walks down the runway and when Mugatu yells at someone. 

20 mins into the movie I was pretty drunk and now I'm suffering. But it was super fun, the faces Zoolander made made me giggle 10 times harder and I remember I kept saying .. "What a FUNNY movie" over and over, haha.


Kelinha said...

I love your skirt ;)

Martina said...

super combination! compliment

Flapjack Melody said...

Gorgeous photos.

Love this outfit - the jacket and the skirt look great together.



bleufountain said...

Beautiful peplum skirt - i like it :)

Jackie said...

Super cute look hun! Love the floral jacket. That drinking came sounds fun but dangerous LOL. The pictures came out great and I can't tell your hungover at all :)



keijtieloves said...

Wow, lovely outfit :)

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your peplum skirt!!!

Luv, The Nyt
Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

Mica said...

Beautiful photos! Love your floral blazer and hope you recover from your drinking game soon!


Hannah said...

these photographs are beautiful you look so stunning!

Collections said...

That blazer is great. Love the backdrop of these photos.

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♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

Love the skirt and how you came out with this whole outfit! AMazing combination! :D


Keit said...

Hahaha, I love drinking games, you can actually come up with everything so the drinking is a often as possible :D

Juju said...

I love your outfit: everything is perfect!


Lisa Daniels said...

cute skirt!

Will be visiting again soon!

X Lisa Simone


Roberta said...

Cool outfit!

Andrea said...

the blazer is very nice!

Rhea Dillon said...

Ha sounds like a funny night, really love that blazer it looks like its a really nice quality also

Cliff Tuna said...

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PS: your photos are beyond amazing, so awesome!

Olga Hoyos said...

great pics, love your blazer !!! xx


Her said...

Woah, this outfit oozes a summer vibe. Love it, excellent photography too. The floral prints adds a touch of vintage to it.

Care to return the follow please?


Joana said...

I adore the jacket. You look gorgeous as usual..

Lisa LaTroisième said...

Lovely blazer: Ireally like that flower print!



Antonella Leone said...

great outfit and pics! <3

Splendor said...

Great pics!


Sarah said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fun drinking game xx

Mariely said...

love the blazer!

betty said...

sounds fun love the sunnies and the whole outfit you look GREAT xx

Jacquii Lie said...

why you so pret-ay.....forrealz. I want and need that blazer!! x


Ka Mila said...


follow me on facebook


shardette.. said...

Such a bright and beautiful blazer!!

xx Sharday


Cassandra Gin said...

Gorgeous outfit, i have those AM Eyewear Kami frames too, they are the best pair i've ever owned!

Jenny Sing said...

So so pretty, those frames are pretty damn awesome! Would love to get myself a pair

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