A crisp morning and a fur over coat

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nasty Gal faux fur coat (similar here); Topshop denim jacket; H&M knit dress, Asos leopard beltSportsgirl Petra wedges, Asos mink socks, Topshop bag

I trimmed my fringe (or bangs) this morning and now I can wear it super straight again. I've had my fringe for 2 years now and I find its my signature look. I had an old boyfriend who ABSOLUTELY hated blunt fringes (like Nelly Furtado's) and I used to keep my long side fringe for months to keep him happy. Then one day I thought *screw you* and cut out a new blunt fringe any ways. I could tell he disapproved with that look of his and to this day I still think it triggered the beginning of the end of our relationship. 

We are still friends but I'm glad I didn't care what he thought back then. I'm with my current boyfriend now who loves me for exactly who I am, and that, I treasure the most.

Also - I was browsing through some websites and found a great photography blog. Daria is surely talented. To get a shot like that on a horse is talent.

xx Natalie


milana2078 said...

It is very harmonious mix! Brava!


drop-dead GORGEOUS said...

love this outfit!!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

You look stunning, I love the look, that dress is amazing.

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underthewillowtrees said...

Gorgeous outfit, especially love the shoes and cute dress. And the coat adds a cute touch too xx

francisdodson said...

Absolutely love your fur coat and bag! And the last shot by Daria is gorgeous, I love the dress! x

Sabrina T. said...

these pics are really amazing dear!!love the outfit

Patchwork à Porter

Aleksa Marić said...

Crazy and cool! Luv it!


rachel said...

your fringe looks fantastic! I used to have a blunt fringe and I really miss it, unfortunately my boyfriend isn't a fan either! x

Nusardel Oshana said...

Is it just me or did you get cuter than the last time you blogged? I won't go on about how I loved a certain part of the outfit because it's just all so good; I do love that fur coat though. Also, the standard of the photos on your blog has improved in such a short time, especially compared to when you started your blog. Love it, keep up the good work. x

Mik said...

you did the right thing.... good on you for going with your feelings. I like your bangs


Mica said...

Love your knit dress! Like your new fringe, it looks fab :) You did the right thing doing what made you happy and not your old boyfriend happy! Pleasing others is not worth it if we don't feel true to ourselves!


Fashion R&D said...

Love that dress and the fur coat is amazing!!

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

love this post! it has reignited my love for winter- even though it's freezing there is an endless opportunity to layer and create incredible outfits! x

Mademoiselle B. said...

Nice look! I love it!

Julia F. S. said...

Loveeee this outfit and the photos! You look amazing! Kisses

la vie quotidienne said...

Love the combo of denim jacket with this coat!! !

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Lions and Tigers and Make-up said...

the blunt fringe looks amazing on you! and I love the sandals+socks combo.


kathy said...

loving your outfit!
the jacket is gorgeous
you really know how to pull off the whole socks and sandals look - when i tried my friends slapped me haha

Brigita said...

You look stunning! Bangs really suit you an it's really your signature look. These photos captured the moment perfectly!

xx Brigita


love your outfit! you look fantastic!


nomegustaelcafe said...

great outfit my dear! denim and fur is a great combo xxx

Well... said...

Wow, that dress is stunning, and paired with a fur coat, its even more glam!

Trendy Teal

Andie Willows said...

about the bf - good for you! and you look great! love the styling!

xoxo, andie
Fashionista's Pick

Heather said...

Love love love this whole look. esp the fur coat. And i love how you layered it with a denim jacket.


Andrea said...

i love your dress!

fashionenvie.net said...

I love those faux fur coats, suits you very well!


Mary Ann said...

I love the jacket! You look very cozy on the crisp morning. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and say hello! ;)

Emma said...

great look... love the fur

Biser Sable said...

Amazing outfit and photos!<3<3<3<3

Le mode secret, Marta said...

Such a great outfit.I just love every thing about it.You are very pretty:)
On your earlyer post I have seen you have an great stlye :)

If you want we can follow each other.

BTL said...

interesting outfit!


Lilith said...

Such a beautiful outfit:) You look amazing
Following, and looking forward to future posts.

maRimaR said...

I love your outfit!
clothing and shelter are beautiful
your blog is great, I follow you!

JanM ♥ said...

Very cute outfit!


Sophie said...

Such an amazing look - the dress is so cute!


helen turnbull said...

you're stunning x

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

this is so pretty! I love how you look here...and it's something I can't imagine one someone else.


Mesmerize said...

ohh so wonderful! love your lace dress so much!
please visit me in free time:)

Paula Marsó said...

your fur coat is so lovely!! xx


Top Knot & Fringe said...

such a lovely outfit and u have awesome hair! drop by my blog is ya like :)


pixelhazard said...

Oh I've been feeling the Sydney cold snap too but how lovely to be able to get out our knits & furs, if only for the morning. Great look.
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Scarlette said...

Lovely fur coat!

Scarr xx

bubbles and windmills said...

WOW! love all the look!!


candyvioleta said...

the fringe look great on you!
you look amazing

wanna follow each other?

Giovanna said...

Cute look! Love your dress and coat!

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xristina said...

You have a very creative style,i tottaly love it.I now follow,do you mind following back?

emillypotter said...

love it my dear <3

Rainha das Estrelas said...

you look stunning :)

Anya adores said...

Divine outfit and photographs :)
Hope you have a sunny day

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Your Outfit is awesome!! I love your style! The dress ist beautiful and the denim jacket and the fur jacket goes perfectly with it! Looks also great with the socks!!

Hope you visit me on my Blog

Irene said...

Wow!! really nice outfit dear!!!


DEMI said...

loveeeeeee your blog dear!
keep posting and go for it!!!


lucillejoy said...

You look gorgeous! Perfect outfit head to toe!


Diva In Me said...

And I totally agree with you on your thoughts for having a bf who loves you for who you are! Bangs are great! Mine's getting longer and it is time for a trim again soon =D
Is it getting colder in Australia now? Looks like you are having some fun with your fur coat =D

Courtney said...

so glad i came across this blog! you look absolutely stunning in those pictures! love your bangs! xoxo


Anonymous said...

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