Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I wore today: Asos Jacket, Chicabooti Cardigan, Something One shoulder top, Zara Skirt, Dangerfield Stockings, Zara Shoes, Asos Bag with Leona Edmiston Scarf, Diva/Pandora Jewelry, MAC St Germain Lipstick

It's my birthday today! I turned a very young (or old?) 24 years today and now I'm starting to feel my life is coming into full circle these days.

Yesterday I mentioned I will have to wear something that screams "BIRTHDAY GIRL" or wear my favourite colour: pink. Well I managed to combine both things and try out the new seasonal trend: Colour Blocking.
Not only did I successfully pull off this colour blocking look, my birthday itself was a very colourful day. I was surprised by my sweet co-workers with a chocolate cake (my fave!), yellow daisies and roses, green tea blondie cakes and we also devoured full sugared coke and a fat juicy burger with chips. I also got a new MAC "goes and goes" purple lipstick which I'm keen to try and giftcards and macaroons.

Thank you all, to my sweet boyfriend, my friends, my family and co-workers for making my day beautiful and full of joy. My phone was going off today with facebook messages, text messages and calls, I feel so loved! *tears

Thanks for all your support with my blog! It means the world to me. xx Natalie :)


Kristina Bazan said...

Hi darling! Thank you for your comment on kayture :D hope you have an amazing day birthday girl! xx

ChiccaStyle said...

Happy Birthday honey!!!Amazing outfit, colorblocking is on great trend right now!

Anonymous said...

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